About Us

Silat Martial Arts Academy is an institution dedicated to preserving and growing the ancient art of pencak silat through education and tutelage. We offer a full curriculum where students can learn the art of pencak silat. It is our intent to teach you traditional pencak silat from all aspects that includes culture, self-defense, weapons, inner power, and the artistic aspect. We are an affiliation of USA Pencak Silat Federation.


Wona Sumantri, BS, MIS

Head Instructor

Kak Wona Sumantri is currently the head instructor of Silat Martial Arts Academy and the president of the USA Pencak Silat Federation. Kak Wona Sumantri has been studying pencak silat for over 30 years and comes from a family of pencak silat practitioners. His native roots are of Sundanese ethnicity of West Java. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in the USA. He was exposed to pencak silat through his father who trained in a traditional West Javanese pencak silat called Cimande. His knowledge of pencak silat draws respect from pencak silat practitioners from different styles in Indonesia. Over the years he has studied various pencak silat systems that includes Panca Sakti (West Java), Cimande (West Java), Harimau Singgalang (West Sumatra), and Al-Azhar Seni Bela Diri (East Java). Kak Wona frequently travels to Indonesia to continue and expand his pencak silat training. He has an understanding of both Indonesian and American cultures. He frequently performs demonstrations at various local events and teaches seminars.

Richard Subaran

Senior Instructor

Kak Richard Subaran joined pencak silat Al-Azhar in 1988. He was one of the first Americans to join pencak silat Al-Azhar. He obtained his instructor level under a former Al-Azhar head instructor Kak Ocenk Basri. He continues to train and teach under the tutelage of Kak Wona Sumantri

Rendy Sumantri, BS, MIS

Senior Instructor

Kak Rendy is the younger brother and protégé of Kak Wona Sumatri. He has studied pencak silat in Indonesia and obtained his instructor level with Kak Wona. He has been studying pencak silat for over 20 years. Kak Rendy and Kak Wona have created a dynamic team that perform pencak silat demos regularly and teaches weekly at the Silat Martial Arts Academy.


"Kak" is short for "Kakak (last letter is silent)", which means older brother or sister in Bahasa Indonesian. In the Indonesian culture, you do not address teachers/instructors as "Guru", "Guru Besar", or "Pendekar". Depending on their age you address them with their culturally respectable title followed by their name. For example, Bapak (father), or Ibu (mother). In addition, each ethnicity group will have titles in their local dialect. For example, in the Sundanese language, Kang is used for older brother, Abah is used for father.