Silat for Kids & Youth

Positive Aim

Pencak silat moves may look cool and fun, but it is only not intended to cause harm and trouble to other people. Our goal is for not only to increase kids physical development but also for kids to have good character. Our pencak silat martial arts program will teach the following:

  • Overcome Challenges - We push kids mentally and physically so kids will be able to confront challenges in life through patience and perseverance.
  • Positive Aim - We encourage kids towards positive achievement in their faith, academics, and positive contributions to their communities.
  • Well Grounded - Through basic knowledge of pencak silat we teach kids moral principles such as honesty, integrity, respect.
  • Find Balance in life - Our training will help find balance between school, faith, and recreation.
  • Keeping a Sharp Mind - Pencak silat martial arts helps keep an edge over competition and lead to higher levels of satisfaction

Our kids programs include:

  • After school martial arts training
  • Birthday parties
  • Spring and Summer camps

Our kids martial arts curriculum are divided into two groups. They are as follows:

  • Satria Muda (Young Warrior) - Ages 6-11: This is a general martial arts program geared towards self-development, physical fitness, and basic techniques.
  • Jawara Muda (Young noble silat warrior) - Ages 12 - 17: Geared towards self-development, physical fitness, and the sport aspect of pencak silat.
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    1. Basic Foundation:
    • Kuda-Kuda's (stances)
    • Langkahs (footworks)
    • Techniques

    2. Jurus - Sequence of techniques

    3. Bela Diri (Self Defense):

    • Partner Drills

    4. Sparring (partner is required):

    • Offense/Defense
    • Hands Only
    • Legs Only

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