Silat Martial Arts Academy



We teach students the art of Pencak Silat. We train students from the ground, up and students will be introduced to different aspects of Pencak Silat at different levels. The following are the different training areas in our curriculum:

  • Jurus (sets of coordinated movements)
  • Techniques
  • Mental-Spiritual: developing the personality and noble character of oneself. Tenaga dalam (inner power)
  • Bela Diri (Self-Defense): takedowns (hand/legs), locks (hand/leg), counterlocks (hand/legs), sweeps, groundfighting
  • Weapons: Golok (machete), pisau (knife), clurit (sickle type blade), toya (bow staff), kerambit, kipas (fan)
  • Kembangan/Bunga: Artistic aspect accompanied with traditional music.

Depending on the age group and curriculum, the styles of pencak silat will vary. The different pencak silat styles are primarily from the island of Java, Indonesia. Our curriculum has elements of the following styles:

  • Alazhar (East Java)
  • Harimau Singgalang (West Sumatra)
  • Panca Sakti (West Java)